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Fellows participate in bi-weekly workshops to learn soft and hard skills through interactive activities and assignments. Some of the topics we cover with fellows include the following: public speaking, teamwork, leadership, problem solving, Excel, and JavaScript.

Fellows also complete a semester-long group assignment called “Project Synergy." The group assignment allows fellows to utilize the soft and hard skills they have learned to create a mock business. Each group will then conduct a presentation on their mock business in front of a panel of judges.


In addition to workshops, each fellow is paired with a volunteer mentor to receive one-on-one career guidance. Mentors serve as the “ultimate life hack” for fellows to learn from and build a lasting relationship with.

Mentors help Fellows develop SMART* goals to complete during and after the program. Fellows meet with their mentors once a month to discuss progression towards completing their SMART goals and receive career advice.

* = SMART - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely

Requirements for Applicants:

  • Must be enrolled as a full-time student in any of the eighteen CUNY colleges (four-year or community)
  • Must be graduating in May 2024, December 2024, or May 2025
  • Must have a minimum 3.2 GPA (only for sophomores)
  • Must be interested in pursuing a career in the business or technology field
  • Must be available to attend Saturdays 10am-2pm for virtual and in-person workshops (within the NYC 5 boroughs)

As a Fellow, we expect you to:

  • Manage your time effectively as you balance school and commit to attending 16 workshops
  • Engage with your mentor on a consistent basis to maintain a rewarding and healthy relationship
  • Initiate building relationships with the business/technology professionals you meet through DI
  • Actively apply to internship and company insight opportunities for early career exposure
  • Complete personal and group project assignments in a punctual and high quality manner

As a Fellow, you will:

  • Learn in-demand soft and hard skills to separate yourself amongst the competitive workforce
  • Receive a mentor working in the business/technology sector to help guide you along your journey
  • Build your professional network through consistent networking and learning opportunities
  • Gain extensive knowledge on your desired career path to help you make informed career decisions
  • Earn a recommendation letter from the co-founders upon successful completion of the program

The deadline to submit your application has been extended to Friday, November 19th by 11:59pm ET via this link.

Yes! Please RSVP via this link..

Workshops will be hosted in-person or virtual on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm. The program starts on January 15, 2022 and wraps up on December 10, 2022.

After submitting an online application, we will take time to review it. If we decide to move forward, we will conduct two rounds of virtual interviews (two interviews in total) and then inform you of a final decision.

You will be spending zero dollars, but it is important to know that while this program is FREE, we ask fellows to pay us with something even more valuable: their time. By showing up to the workshops with an open mind and commitment to investing in yourself, you will have provided us with all that we need.

Fellows will be taught how to improve their soft and hard skills, as well as gain a better understanding of what career paths to pursue. We also have a hackathon-type project fellows will work on called, Project Synergy. Fellows will develop a product/company, while integrating the hard skills taught to them through our workshops.

No. As with anything else in life, you will have to work for it, and we will be there to help you get there. DI provides fellows with an outstanding support system from mentors, business/tech professionals, fellows, and board members. It will not be easy, but anything special is never easy to obtain.

No, mentors will not be present at every workshop. However, mentors are volunteering their time to be a resource to you during your meetings.

Workshops will be conducted by professionals who currently work or have worked in the business or tech field. Professionals who come to our workshops have years of experience with an expertise to share.

Fellows may only miss one workshop per semester.

No, fellows must be graduating during the years mentioned in the requirements.

No, we target students who are first-time freshmen and sophomores.

We are happy to know you are interested, but our program is only for current CUNY students.

Of course not! We want fellows to have an open mind when it comes to our program. Regardless of your intended career path, we want what’s best for you and will support you no matter what!

Not at all. Fellows will participate in technical workshops that will cover a lot of basics. Having no experience will not hurt an application.